Monday, May 28, 2012

From Alumni Phoebe (now Lily)

Hi Everyone,

Lily (Phoebe) is doing well, fitting right in the family and very spoiled!  She has gained 5 lbs. and is partially house broken.  She loves to play & run outside.  Had her 1st bath & tried to climb back in...Too Cute.  Will send pictures soon,

Mark, Ann & Sabrina (Lily too)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Dog Adoption Event Saturday, May 19, 2011

Please join us at K9 Pet Cuisine N More tomorrow, Saturday, May 19, from 11-3.  We have dogs and puppies of all ages and breeds.  Not only is this a great store to meet our dogs and puppies, but it is also a great store for all your dog related needs...They have EVERYTHING, including grooming and training.  And the frosting on the cake is that they will give you a discount if you adopt a dog or puppy from us, and FETCH gets a percentage of your sale!!

55220 Van Dyke Shelby Twp MI, 48316 (586) 232-4955

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kuts N Kisses Grooming Salon

FETCH dog rescue cannot thank Kuts 'n Kisses enough for the amazing care they took with our two most recent rescues...

Walter and Norman were living in horrible conditions in a hoarding situation.  I don't think they ever had any human interaction, and I am guessing they were never even allowed out of their crates. 

They are adorable little Cockapoos, very attached to each other so they may have been cellmates...Walter is especially protective of Norman...They are almost a year old, and have never been loved....Until now...They were loved on endlessly their entire stay at Kuts 'n Kisses, and believe me, their fur was a mess of mats and fleas...The staff at Kuts 'n Kisses didn't bat an eye at that....they just delved in with all their hands and hearts.

Now believe me, I would have been eternally grateful simply for the love and care they were given, considering the condition they were in, BUT, in addition to the free TLC, Kuts 'n Kisses provided their services FREE....AND, on top of that, if that is possible, they wouldn't even accept a tip from FETCH...So, if anyone has a dog or puppy that needs grooming, I HIGHLY recommend Kuts 'n Kisses!!!

Foster of the Week



We couldn't think of anyone more fitting for this title than our wonderful foster couple Kelly Blair and her boyfriend Corey.  I don't think a foster email ever goes out where Kelly doesn't step up and offer to foster one, two or three dogs.  She always steps up in a big way and quickly.  She takes dogs of all ages, sizes, sexes, breeds and does wonderful with them. And it doesn't matter how long she houses and loves her furry residents she cares for them until they find their furever homes.  One time even with a broken foot she wanted to continue her great work!  You can tell how loved the dogs are when they are at the adoption events and like Layla the chihuahua mix, they only have eyes for her.  They just cannot wait to get back in her arms again. We cannot thank her enough for being such an awesome addition to our FETCH family. 

Her fosters to date are:

Layla (chihuahua dachshund mix)
Phantom (mix puppy) adopted by Kelly
Daisy Mae Lulu (beagle mix puppy)
Jake (chihuahua pug mix)
Bambi (toy poodle)
Dove (toy poodle)

There may even be more that I have missed...She really truly has been a phenomenal foster and is always ready and never says NO

Monday, May 7, 2012

FETCH FUNdraiser Success

Ginnie...cute as ever!!
Bob and Oscar


The fundraiser was a big success Saturday night, and that is for one reason only....the help from all of our fosters!  Thank you to those of you who came out to support FETCH, and thank you to those of you who provided food for the event.  Not only did we have enough food for everyone ALL NIGHT, but there were even leftovers...!!

The band was good, the food was great, the crowd was the BEST....

So speaking of fundraising....The money is going to come in very handy right about now, as FETCH did a big rescue today...We brought home to fosters 4 puppies and 3 dogs that were in a horrible hoarding situation...The puppies are fine, (just a bit skinny), but the two 11 month old cockapoos are very much in need of TLC...big time...They appear to have had no socialization, no grooming, and no loving...They have ear infections, skin conditions, and do not know how to be handled or loved.  The third adult dog was an older Chiuaua who is very sweet and affectionate.  He obviously was socialized and loved (maybe too much...he is on the portly side!).  But he also had ear infections, skin problems, and has a serious eye condition that is being monitored, as the vet is not sure if it is injury related or genetic.  Needless to say, it was a hefty vet bill today!